Amazon Alexa Smart home

Professional white label service for amazon alexa compatible products.

Amazon alexa is one of the most popular smart speakers in the world. And more than 100 million devices with Amazon’s Alexa assistant pre-installed have been sold. That means countless families already have an entrance to Amazon’s smart home.

And Amazon is working to build a smart home system centered on alexa. So if you want to connect your hardware to Amazon, or you need alexa related products, then we can help.

Getting your own brand alexa compatible device is so easy now.

Existing Models

We have existing models including smart plug, light switch, light bulb, sensors, home appliances and etc. So if you want to white label, it's so easy and fast!

Zigbee Connect

Connecting your devices to alexa via zigbee protocol is the official way to connect. We can provide you zigbee direct connection chip module, or whole assembled product.

Complex Sollutions

Not only white label, but also wholesale, OEM & ODM.

If you just want to print you logo on some already exist devices, then it's simple. If you want to design for your own stuff, or make your own products been smart, then we can talk and make it easy also.

Flexible Prices

Low cost is king. We will do everything possible to reduce your costs so that you can get higher profits.

Of course, we must also pay attention to product quality, maybe we will find a balanced solution.


Do I need to know any technical or coding knowledge?

No. You don’t need to know any technology and any code, you just need to contact with us and tell us your request.

Which APP can be use?

Official “Amazon Alexa” App

What is zigbee direct connection?

Your device is directly connected to alexa through the zigbee wireless communication protocol, and controls your device through alexa. No third party APP is required.

Can I purchase in small quantities?

Sure. If you just want a small batch of products, you are also welcome. If you want to white label and print your brand LOGO on the product, then it needs a minimum order quantity.

Can you delivery to worldwide?

Yes. No matter which country you are from, we can do business.

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